Christmas Gifts’09

Ho Ho Ho….Christmas is around the corner. I love to give. This is the warm season that I’d crack my head thinking what to do for my beloved colleagues, friends and relatives. And tada!….below are the gifts that I will be giving them. I was inspired from the internet. It is unique and special.

I decided to make Snowman and Christmas Tree earrings, pendants and hair rubber bands for all my Christians and non-Christian friends and relatives. ;-) Sorry, but there is no picture of the rubber bands that I made here. Because I have already given it away. Anyway, the difference is just a snowman or a Christmas tree with a rubber band.

I know it’s too early to give Christmas gifts away to friends and relatives before month of Dec. But I can’t wait to post these photos on the blog ;-).

Personally, I think it’s really sweet and warm to choose a gift with a little thought for my friends and relatives to express my care and appreciation of what they have done in my life. :) I’m happy to see them happy and excited when they receive the gift that I specially made or chose for them.

Besides, those Christmas trees and snowman are available for sale. ;)


Some earrings

Lastly, the wrapped gifts

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