Gorgeous Isha

Hello, this is my very first time writing a blog. It took me sometime to churn out these words. Well, everything has it’s first time.

I bought the lovely English rose from the fleamarket at Desapark City, Kepong. It was handmade by a real passionate lady making items with polymer clay.

She mades adorable roses and little fairies and angels . I was shocked when she told me she works 16 hours a day. Sometimes, she could only make 1 fairy a day. When she is focused, she will not attend to any incoming calls and SMS. Isn’t it amazing? Truly, I was amazed by her passion. Admire you, Phang!

Code ID: B1 Gorgeous Isha
Measurement: 18.5cm
Materials: Handmade polymer clay English rose, Faux pearl, Pewter charm, metal spacer
Status: Sold

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